Happy Birthday today (May 24) to Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson. He’s 49. Other rockers celebrating include original Blue Oyster Cult drummer Albert Bouchard (71) and Bob Dylan (77).

Rich Robinson is the guitarist and a founding member of The Black Crowes which he formed in 1984 with his older brother (singer) Chris Robinson. The band was originally called Mr. Crowes Garden. Rich Robinson wrote the music to the band’s hit single “She Talks to Angels” when he was 15. The band’s debut album Shake Your Money Maker was released in 1990. It would go on to sell over 5 million copies with singles “Hard to Handle”, “She Talks to Angels”, “Jealous Again”, “Twice As Hard”, and Seeing Things”. The band did tours with Aerosmith and ZZ Top before going out on their own headlining tour. The band’s next album Southern Harmony and the Musical Companion was another big success with the hit “Remedy”. Other albums include Amorica (1994), Three Snakes and One Charm (1996), By Your Side (1999), Lions (2001), Warpaint (2008), and Before the Frost…Until the Freeze (2009). The Black Crowes were always a favorite band of mine to see live, and they have such a great catalog of music.

After several hiatus's over the years and an official breakup in 2015, Rich Robinson has formed a new band with ex Black Crowes players called the Magpie Salute. The band performs classic Black Crowes songs live in concert and they will be on tour all summer. Check out Rich Robinson's official website here for more info.

Albert Bouchard
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Bob Dylan
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