Welcome to the holiday weekend. It looks like it’s going to be a warm one, and things are even starting to reopen around the Hudson Valley, but it’s not quite like past Memorial Days. In fact nothing is quite the same these days. But here’s a constant - it’s the end of the week means it's time to recap this week's rock news.

We do have a couple of postponements to tell you about this week. One concerns the KISS Kruise 2020 and the other is the Guns N’ Roses North American Tour. Want to find out more? Just click on the rock news link below to get the scoop.

We have some good news this week about upcoming releases. Dee Snyder from Twisted Sister has a live concert album on the way, and Neil Young is releasing an album of music that he recorded almost 50 years ago. Find out more by listening to this week’s rock news below. 

We do rock news for you every weekday morning at 6:45 on The Boris and Robyn Show, but if you miss it, check back here for the recap. Thanks for listening and be well.

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