If he only could find a heart, or maybe in this case a designated driver (Yeah, every single news outlet has used this dumb joke).

CBS New Yrok is reporting that a man dressed as the Tin Man from the Wizard of oz was arrested for alleged drunk driving Sunday. The arrest happened in the town of Sullivan (the Madison County town east of Syracuse, not the county).

Best part is, the guy was still in character makeup at the time his mugshot was taken.

CBS says that New York State troopers got a report of an intoxicated man on private property. A neighbor said that the drunken man in silver face paint had allegedly driven to the property with another person and was asked to leave.

The 31 year-old Tin Man's  blood-alcohol content was 0.19 percent, according to police. Now, he’s being charged with aggravated DWI. Whoops.

The aspiring actor had portrayed the character in a performance to celebrate Oz-Stravaganza. The event takes place in the village of Chittenango, the hometown of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz author, L. Frank Baum.