Do you have that one friend who always cheats at every game? It certainly can be frustrating.

Well now, there's a game that rewards their craftiness. MSN is reporting that Hasbro is releasing a new "cheater's edition" of Monopoly this fall. The new spin on the popular eighty year-old board game encourages players to pull every underhanded trick, from skipping spaces and even stealing from the bank.

So what would the banker say? Well, the new version of the game won't even have a designated banker. This might make a great gift idea for that shyster you work with.

The cheaters edition follows the rules of classic Monopoly, except this version encourages players to break them. In addition to the community chest and chance cards, this version includes 15 cheat cards. At any point, five of these can be in the middle of the board.

Why the change? Jonathan Berkowitz, senior vice president of Hasbro gaming told INSIDER, that nearly half the people who played the game cheated anyway. 

Of course, if you get caught cheating you still go to jail. This time you'll even have to wear a toy handcuff that's attached to the board. So don't get caught!