I've said it once before but it bears repeating: Hudson Valley real estate pricing is ridiculous. Well, kind of.

There are still some affordable gems on the market but it takes some digging; just last week I showed you that the cheapest house for sale in Poughkeepsie even has a pool. But what about on the west (and best) side of the Hudson River? While Orange County is tenth-wealthiest county in the entire state, there are still some homes that are actually realistic for those of us not choosing which Range Rover to use when you bring your Pomeranian to the doggy spa.

View of Newburgh riverfront from Long Dock Park in Beacon, New York.
Newburgh is a popular source of affordable homes. The two homes we're looking at today, however, are in different parts of Orange County (nancy kennedy)

My wife and I are perfect examples of people searching for an affordable place to live, and finding it in Orange County. We love our sub-900-square-foot cottage in the town of Newburgh. Truth is, it was the only area with the perfect mix of affordability, home quality, and the proximity to nature that we were looking for. So, if you're looking for a place to put down roots in the real OC, check out the most affordable house for sale on the market right now. Not only might the location surprise you, but the quality of home as well, because I went searching outside of Newburgh this time.

Keep more of your money with these great deals on Orange County homes (cherrybeans)

Some quick guidelines: I'm highlighting two houses here because I wanted to make sure I was covering all the bases. The first find is a great house in a planned community with a new kitchen and more for under $60,000. But if you're not looking to move in to a residential park, read on to check out a beautiful find with custom beam ceilings, new everything, and over .5 acre of land! Also, I've avoided houses listed as cash sales, as-in condition, or with any other factor that would stop the house from being move-in ready. Ok, let's check 'em out!

$54,999 in New Windsor

The most affordable move-in ready, 980-square-foot house for sale is a "mobile" home with a newly redone kitchen and newer appliances.

Check out the classy kitchen! (Zillow)
Check out the classy kitchen! (Zillow)

There's even a spacious living room, too.

You can fit your Lay-Z-Boy AND your fish (Zillow)
You can fit your Lay-Z-Boy AND your fish (Zillow)

For under $60,000, this place also offers newer windows and water heater, and washer/dryer hook ups.

You even get a side patio for your dough (Zillow)
You even get a side patio for your dough. Check out the whole listing here (Zillow)

The most affordable "permanent" home

If a mobile home is not your style, check out this gem in the southern Orange County town of Chester.

The Cheapest House in Orange County Isn't in Newburgh

Not a foreclosure, not cash-only! Check out the most affordable house in Orange County

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