One of the strangest trends across the country has now arrived in New York state and people are freaked out.

Police have received a few reports that a clown was sighted near Clifton Park in the Capitol Region. Now, the thought of clowns near Albany will certainly stir up jokes about the drivers or politicians, but the bizarre appearance has a least one woman so scared she won't sit outside on her porch at her apartment complex.

He was just standing there in the middle of the street and so I was freaked out because of everything that was happening in the south.

There was another sighting in Halfmoon, New York. One witness said the clown seemed to be staring a kids who were playing in the background.

Nobody seems to know what's going on, but the Capitol Region clown(s) may be a case of copycats.

UPDATE: Police say a clown, holding a balloon, was seen in the middle of the road in North Tonawanda.

The ruse was the work of several young men who claimed responsibility on Facebook. Buffalo News says no one has been charged as of yet.

There have been reports of clowns sighted in Wisconsin, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Virginia, New Jersey, Maryland, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

What exactly is going on? A weird mischievous prank? The man behind the Wisconsin clown sightings said they were filming an independent horror film.

Some of sightings have been less benign. There have been reports that some of the clowns have been either spotted lurking in the woods, holding knives, near schools, making ominous threats on social media, and talking to or luring children.

Law enforcement is taking the threats seriously. Police placed schools under lockdown in Alabama over threats made by clowns online.

The Tennessee Department of Safety and the Tennessee Highway Patrol put an area on high alert for clowns Saturday.

One report claimed a car full of clowns, who were possibly armed, were spotted near York College in Pennsylvania, but police never found anything.

Could just be that Halloween is around the corner, or maybe something more sinister.