The Hudson Valley has plenty of ice cream stands, and we found the top 5 craziest ice cream creations.

Summer means ice cream, especially on a long holiday weekend. I teamed up with Sage at the station and took a 'tour de ice cream stand' to find the 5 craziest ice cream creations:

1. Mary Jane's, Marlboro

Mary Jane's served us a banana split with traditional toppings and not so traditional ice cream flavors. It was nuts, chocolate syrup, and pineapple over Smurf-berry ice cream, Cotton Candy ice cream, and Lemon Sherbet. Topped with whipped cream and cherry.

2. Joe's Dairy Bar & Grill, Hopewell Junction

Joe's had a monster chocolate chip cookie sandwich that was about triple the size of your average ice cream saucer. Two massive chocolate chip cookies sandwiched vanilla ice cream that was rolled in chocolate chips.

3. Lola's Cafe, New Paltz

Lola's in New Paltz has crazy craft milkshakes, like the fried oreo shake we got. It was a chocolate shake, with chocolate sauce drizzled over it, topped with 3 fried Oreos and whipped cream


4. Holy Cow, Red Hook

Holy Cow is a Hudson Valley staple, and they didn't disappoint with a wild cone creation. We had a waffle cone with blue Hawaii coconut ice cream doused in rainbow    sprinkles.

5. Boice Bros, Kingston

Boice Bros had some of the best prices, and one of the most delicious treats called an ice cream parfait. We were served twist ice cream, which had cookie dough, hot fudge, and mini M&M's layered in between. Whipped cream and cherry on top to finish.