For every kid from the State of New York who has hoped to one day take the podium and have an Olympic medal placed around their neck, seeing and knowing that the games are taking place is a big deal.

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The 2020 Olympic Summer Games were cancelled out of caution for the athletes, their families and the host country and volunteers. The games were originally supposed to be held July 24 to August 9, 2020 and they will be held almost exactly one year later July 23 to August 8, 2021.

When the games finally take place you will see the following sports making their first appearance at the games, in competition.:

  • Sport Climbing, which includes speed climbing, bouldering, and lead climbing
  • Surfing, 20 men and 20 women will compete
  • Skateboarding, there will be two focuses street style with 5 different things the judges will vote on and then there is also a 'park style' that the athletes will be judged on.
  • Karate, there will be 80 athletes competing in two disciplines, kata and kumite.
  • Baseball/Softball. Baseball had been absent at the games since 2008, but the host country (Japan) gets to have a suggestion with the Olympic Committee and they suggested these two, so you will see competitions for both in 2021.

If these are not the competitions that you are looking forward to the most, what are you looking forward to the most about these games?

The next summer Olympics will be held in Paris 2024, where breakdancing will be the newest sport where people can compete and earn medals.

Did you ever dream of competing in the Olympics? What was the sport that you were wanting to compete in?gallery galleryid="341:259562" gallerytitle="CHECK IT OUT: 100 sports records and the stories behind them"]