Winter should only be a fuzzy memory by now, but this incredibly tenacious snow pile just won't let us forget.

Temperatures reached into the upper 80s on Tuesday after a mild weekend of spring-like weather. After all of the warmth and rain we've received over the past few weeks the last thing you'd expect to see on the ground is snow, let alone an enormous pile of it.

As drivers passed with their windows down and shoppers were seen walking by wearing shorts, this enormous reminder of the blizzard of 2017 looked eerily out of place. But there it was, nonetheless; the snow pile that just won't die.

This rock-solid pile of snow is located in the parking lot of Stop and Shop on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie. Positioned between the supermarket and Toys R Us, this compact mound has become a rock-solid combination of gravel, dirt and ice. Even though it's shrunken down considerably from it's original towering height, it's still taller than a nearby truck that was delivering bread.

While we're sure this isn't the only Hudson Valley snow pile that has yet to fully melt, it's especially surprising to see because it's the only one in the immediate area. Flowers are blooming and grass is greening up all around it, yet the snow remains.

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