By Pat DeMono
Back in September, the Delaware River was reportedly at it's lowest level in about 50 years.

Christine and Richard Hutton were on a rafting trip just a few miles from their push-off point at Jerry’s Three River Campground in Pond Eddy. They had about dozen of their colleagues with them at the time. That's when they discovered something strange in the low river

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“One of our associates stepped out to a rock in the middle of the river, and picked up what looked like a stone tablet,” recalled Christine Hutton. It was large, and it was heavy. When the man began to read from it aloud, his friends thought he was joking - parodying Moses holding the commandments in stone. “But then we quickly realized he wasn’t making up the words. And when he turned the rock around and exposed the writing ... our mouths gaped open.”

The Huttons were naturally curious, so they brought the tablet home with them to Leonia, New Jersey. The stone slab is estimated to be about 20 inches in length and its upper portion is just as wide. It weighs somewhere between 40 and 50 pounds.

The words are etched deeply in neat, block letters. It reads

“I’ve been called away from this place, my task here is done

I leave early but don’t be troubled for my soul is always with you

I’ve left behind a story, one in which your (sic) all involved

And now it is your turn to fill up the final pages

My love will always stand like mountains mighty and unmoving

Look for me each night for I will rest underneath the stars

Hear me in the winds as destiny blow (sic) us closer


Christine Hutton said that she has tried to research phrases from the tablet, but couldn't find any trace of an existing poem. or anything linking it to another language. Hutton said the internet came up with no results.

An image was posted by the Huttons' daughter on the image-sharing site, Imgur. Over three hundred thousand have viewed the pic and hundreds commented, with speculations of it's origins ranging from a gravemarker to a suicide note.

The Huttons are making a plea to anyone who knows something about the stone to help solve the mystery. The Times Herald Record reports that it was found on September 11 on the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware, in the general vicinity of Homeyer Road in Sparrowbush.