The story of six people who died in a plane crash on Mount Beacon has gained national attention.

Thanks to a new book, Dixie Kiefer's life and tragic death is being remembered. The highly decorated WWII hero was killed along with five other sailors back in 1945 when their plane crashed into Mount Beacon.

According to U.S. News and World Report, the book was co-authored by David Rocco, a Westchester resident. He and Don Keith from Alabama have released "The Indestructible Man" which tells the story of that horrific plane crash, as well as the incredible military career of Kiefer.

After WWII Kiefer was one of the war's most famous commanders. In the Battle of Midway he was second in command when when his aircraft carrier was sunk. While commanding USS Ticonderoga it was attacked by kamikaze fighters.

Kiefer was flying with five other sailors when their plane crashed into Mount Beacon in November of 1945.

Hikers who frequent the area are well aware of the story. There is a small memorial located at the site of the accident that includes a plaque and an account of the tragedy.