A popular face has been spotted in a new commercial for an adored Hudson Valley grocery store.

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Everyone knows about Adams Fairacre Farms in the Hudson Valley and I will debate it with anyone that HANDS DOWN they have the best veggie burgers. Not only that, but they have great produce, desserts, ice cream and everyone who works there seems to be super friendly. There are multiple locations in the area and chances are you've at least passed by one. I was watching TV the other night and a commercial for the popular grocery store came on and I was pretty surprised to see who was in it. Any ideas?

Alec, Stephen, Daniel and William make up the Baldwin bothers and usually Alec is the most recognizable. However, his brother Stephen has been in multiple movies like 'A Simple Twist of Fate', 'Bio-Dome-, 'The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas' and more. Lately a big title he's had is being Justin Bieber's father-in-law because his daughter Hailey Baldwin is married to the pop star. He also has some big Hudson Valley connections, he reportedly owned a home for a while in the Nyack area and sources say one in Orange County as well.

Maybe he likes the veggie burgers too? Stephen Baldwin is in the new Adams Fairacre Farms commercial and he looks right at home in it.  The Adams Fairacre Farms Facebook Page featured a post that thanked Stephen for making an appearance in their new commercial. Good for Stephen for being part of the commercial and hopefully he will bring more fans to the store.

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