Some may be left wondering if the Hudson Valley or Northeast will ever see any real winter-like cold or snow this season?

So far, the winter has seen below average snowfall, and above average temperatures for the region. The National Weather Service in Albany says that Poughkeepsie is on track for its second warmest January ever on record.

No Snow? 

EuroNews says that New York City is on track to break a record for consecutive days without snow in New York City. As of now, New York has gone over 320 days without snow, and the forecast is not calling for any snowfall in the next two weeks.

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Hudson Valley Spring Forecast

Meteorologists from AccuWeather are already looking ahead to the next couple of months as they've put together their forecast for the weeks ahead. For the Northeast, temperatures are expected to hover around normal, with a few cold snaps expected towards early and late February.

In fact, the Hudson Valley is expected to see its coldest temperatures of the season by late this week, with lows Friday night predicted to drop to near or below 0 F.

Aside from that, AccuWeather says we could see more periods of above average temperatures in between a few Artic blasts. Climate experts say the warmer temps are a combination of the Polar Vortex staying closer to the high latitudes, and a persistent La Niña. This La Niña event has now stretched into its third straight year.

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