Audiences have loved Chevy Chase for many years. After all, the actor, who grew up in Woodstock, is known around the world for his roles in Fletch, Caddyshack, the National Lampoon series, and for being part of the original cast of SNL.

In real life, the 74 yea-old Chase hasn't always made friends. In fact, he's gained a reputation over the years for being a bit of a jerk.

But did he deserve this?

This was allegedly the case on February 9, when a 22 year-old UPS worker from East Patchogue claimed the actor threatened him, his girlfriend, and another couple near the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge. The man told the press...

We were in the right lane and as we came up to the bridge we went to the middle lane, it was an old guy yelling – something we couldn’t hear – super pissed-off.

Seems the young people were heading north to go snowmobiling. That's when the actor, who portrayed Clark Griswold, allegedly chased them down in his Mercedes and then pulled them over on the other side of the bridge in Nyack. Chase told TMZ the truck cut him off so close that he thought they hit him.

One of the other people in the car claimed they rolled down the window and apologized. That's when they said Chase let them have it. They said that Chase screamed at them...

You know who the f— I am? I am going to ruin your lives!’ I said, ‘F— you!

The 22 year-old said that Chase even opened the door of their black pickup truck and allegedly attempted to punch them. That's when he said he raised his foot to block the punch. His "raised foot" allegedly caught Chase in the shoulder and sent the actor tumbling.

Chase told police that one of the people in the truck flipped him off when he approached the them. He went on to say that he never tried to hit them, as he couldn't even lift his arm at the time. The young man said he didn't even know it was Chase when the whole incident went down.

Bet he was in for a surprise. Who to believe?

Police are citing the 22 year-old with  2nd degree harassment with physical contact.