A small plane crash in Middletown injured two people Saturday morning.  According to WABC-TV two male passengers were taken to a local hospital by emergency personnel after their plane went down near Dolsontown Rd. which is in the Town of Waywayanda, according to Mid-Hudson News.com.  There is a local airport not too far from the crash site, Randall Airport, which has gliders and small aircraft at the facility.  It was not known if the plane took off or was looking to land at the airport.

Update (1:22pm) The FAA is now investigating the crash, the plane according to WABC-TV crashed just after taking off from Randall Airport in Middletown.

Update (6pm Sunday 5/6/18)  One person was killed in the crash on Saturday.  WABC-TV says Dr. Rabbi Aaron D. Panken, 53 of New York City was the pilot of the airplane that went down shortly after takeoff at Randall Airport in Middletown.  There is no news of the other person in the airplane since being taken to the local hospital on Saturday.