These disturbing fights from the streets of Newburgh are being shared all over the world. Is this really how we want our area to be portrayed?

An out-of-state friend forwarded an email to me titled "Newburgh Street Fights." Upon opening it I was horrified to find a playlist of 38 different videos depicting violent fights filmed right here in the City of Newburgh.

At a time when Newburgh is desperately trying to improve its image and stimulate economic improvement, it's unfortunate that images like this still seem to define the area. Even more disturbing is the level of violence depicted in these fights.

One video, titled "90 Broadway Fight" shows two younger females in an especially vicious fight, pulling each others' hair. Onlookers continue to cheer them on as they punch and scrape at each other until finally someone steps in to stop the fight.

Another especially disturbing video called "Newburgh Fights / DeBanga" shows two women fighting while the person filming the video encourages them. When someone finally steps in to stop the fight, the photographer can be heard complaining the he needs "100 thousand views" for the video.

Other videos show fights that have allegedly taken place in the halls of Newburgh Free Academy and on an unidentified Newburgh school bus.

The playlist of Newburgh fight videos is below. Viewer discretion is advised, some images and language may be inappropriate for work or children.

What do you think about these Newburgh fighting videos? Do they truly represent what is happening in the City of Newburgh or are they an unfair depiction? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.