A serious vehicle accident has completely closed a busy stretch of Route 55 in Dutchess County.

Traffic has been especially light this week as many local residents are off on vacation. The middle of July through the beginning of August is a traditionally quiet time of year for morning and afternoon traffic since many residents either travel or take day off to enjoy at home.

However, those who do need to travel early on Wednesday morning in Dutchess County are finding it especially difficult thanks to a major road closure affecting thousands of residents.


Hudson Valley traffic reporter, Nancy Reamy, says that Route 55 has been closed in both directions after a car crashed into a tree. There aren't many details available about the accident, but a police investigation has brought traffic to a halt early Wednesday morning.

As of the time of this report, Route 55 is completely closed to traffic in both directions in Lagrangeville between Noxon Road and Sedgewick Road. Just after 6am traffic was already beginning to build on the westbound side as far as De Forest Road near the Be Wise Car Wash. Eastbound traffic is also building and is snarled as far back as Titusville Road.

Be sure to tune in for live traffic updates throughout the morning. We'll be sure to let you know when roads reopen and just how this closure is affecting surrounding areas during the busy morning commute. You can listen live on our mobile app and also sign up for traffic alerts which will keep you informed even when you're not listening.

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