Fast food chains are continuing to mix foods that some say shouldn't be mixed. But hey, now you can have can combine two of your favorite snack all in one bite.

Thrillist says that select Taco Bell locations will be dishing out the brand Loaded Fries Burritos, which are basically burritos stuffed with french fries. One of the locations mentioned in the article is located in Charlestown, West Virginia though this could quickly spread to multiple locations if it tests well.

You'll even have a choice when it comes to variety. Brand Eating says there will be three different kinds of burritos; Supreme, California, and Chipotle.

All three burritos will go for $1.99 during the test run. If they do well in West Virginia, then maybe they'll be readily available all over the East Coast by this time next year?

This isn't the first time Taco Bell has jumped into the fry game. In late 2016, Taco Bell tested it's Nacho Fries in a few locations, which were simply a bunch of fries spread over nachos.