There seems to be a great divide in America right now over whether or not to get a COVID-19 vaccine, and Sebastian Bach — who's already received his dose — doesn't understand why it's being politicized.

The singer did reveal that he tested positive for the virus a couple of days ago, but because he's vaccinated, his symptoms were incredibly mild. He received the single-dose Johnson & Johnson shot back in March.

"I was one of the first people to run and get it that I knew," he said on CNN's New Day [via Blabbermouth]. "I'm a singer, and all that I heard about COVID is that it attacks the lungs. And singing is hard enough anyways. So I did not leave my house for a year and a half. I was very strict in every protocol. I did not even go out to restaurants or anything — I was determined to not get this."

As things started opening up throughout the summer and concerts started occurring again, Bach performed two shows in Tulsa, Okla. and Beaver Dam, Kent. He was also wearing a mask and following the regular COVID regulations that have been in place, but he admitted that one of the shows was at a larger outdoor venue.

"I got home from that week's worth of shows, and the next day I had a fever," he explained. "And I tested positive for COVID. But why I say thank God for the vaccine is because it's been a very mild case. I just had a temperature for three days or so, and now I feel a hundred percent better."

As the number of positive cases rises once again, mainly due to the new Delta variant, no one quite knows what is going to happen to all of the concerts and festivals that have been rescheduled to take place this fall. Many cities, venues and performers themselves are now implementing vaccination requirements in order to attend live performances, which has been stirring a lot of controversy — especially amongst those who do not wish to receive the vaccine.

"The biggest concern about us, as performers, is we don't want our fans to get sick. So, obviously, we're totally perplexed right now as to whether to 'show must go on' or 'we've gotta pack it up again.' I don't know what to say, but we're in definitely a no-man's-land situation right now," Bach admitted.

"I don't understand politicizing medicine, it doesn't make sense to me. So my advice to the fans would be get the vaccine. You don't want polio, so you get the vaccine for that. You don't want COVID," he added.

Watch the CNN segment below.

Inkcarceration is the latest festival to announce COVID-19 restrictions, which include showing proof of either vaccination or a negative test in order to enter. It's set to take place Sept. 10 through the 12. Additionally, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio recently announced that all restaurants, fitness facilities and entertainment venues will require proof of vaccination starting Sept. 13.

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