Another rocket launch that is set to deliver supplies to the International Space Station could be seen across a good portion of New York state. The launch, which is happening from Virginia, could be seen up and down the Eastern seaboard right after 8:30 PM.

The big factor will be if the weather holds out, and the skies are clear for us to get a good view.

NASA Rocket Launch Set For Tuesday Evening 

A post on the NASA Wallops Flight Facility page says that the next launch is set to go Tuesday, August 1. at 8:31 Eastern time. NASA officials say that the Northrop Grumman Corporation Antares vehicle will deliver science and supplies to the International Space Station aboard the Cygnus spacecraft.

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According to the Facebook page, residents across the Hudson Valley and other parts of New York should be able to spot the rocket in the southern sky 120 to 150 seconds after launch. Others north of the area will have to wait around 150 to 180 seconds after liftoff.

What is the weather looking like for that evening? It is hard to really pinpoint for it is still a ways out, but The Weather Channel is calling for Tuesday night to bring a "few clouds" to the area, with lows in the mid 50s.
If the weather ends up being a total bust, then you can always watch the live coverage starting at 8 PM on NASA's. YouTube and Twitter.t

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