I recently returned to the movie theater for the first time since before the pandemic, and it didn't feel the same for me.

For starters, it's so refreshing to be able to go out and do things again. It's an amazing feeling to be to take the kids out also so they can have some fun. We recently went back to the movie theater for the first time. The kids were beyond excited to go and I shared their excitement.

The theater was obviously barely keeping the doors open, and that was sad to see. It was very bare-bones inside, operating under a cash-only status, but we had popcorn, and other snacks, good company, and we were ready for the movie. There were not a lot of people there which was nice, as I always liked when it felt like you had the theater to yourself.

One weird thing, no previews. I love the previews, but I understand why there weren't any I guess. It was convenient though, having the movie start at the exact time. My favorite part of going to the movies has always been the sound, and it was loud, in a good way. The kids loved the movie, and it was nice to experience watching a movie in the theater once again.

Could we have stayed home and paid $20 for the movie and sat on our own couch, but it was great to get out and support a local business and get the full movie experience. So is it worth it? Yes, most definitely!

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