It's been quite the show for skywatchers and astronomy types over the past few months. We've been treated to everything from meteor showers to the rare black moon.

Now, an even rarer occurrence is going to happen over the night sky this weekend and it's going to be visible across the Northern Hemisphere.

Science Alert says that a hunter's moon (also known as a blood moon) is set to combine with a supermoon.

Basically, a hunter's moon rises earlier than usual. In this case, about thirty to thirty five minutes earlier. This is going to make the Moon look very big and orange as it rises over the horizon in the evening sky.

Take that and combine it with a supermoon. The technical definition for supermoon is actually a full moon near perigee. This happens when the moon is at its closest to Earth during its orbit.

So be sure to have your cameras ready as the Moon is set to put on quite the show this weekend.

The weather forecast is calling for clear skies across the Hudson Valley both Saturday and Sunday night.