Poughkeepsie Mayor Rob Rolison expanded the emergency regulations that went into effect on March 14th, which prohibited parking on the designated "Snow-Emergency" routes.

In order to facilitate the removal of snow, the new emergency declaration will allow the city to remove cars from the streets if necessary. According to Rolison, the amount of snow piled along city streets is causing visibility problems for motorists and pedestrians alike. The mayor's office is working closely with the Poughkeepsie Fire Department to compile a list of streets that need to be cleared immediately so that emergency vehicles can navigate the streets.

The city will use their resources along with private contractors to expedite the snow removal starting this evening. The process of notifying the public along with snow removal are expected to last at least through the weekend.

Rolison plans to use print media, social media, outreach and the city's e-newsletter to inform the public in order to minimize disruptions. To sign up for the e-newsletter visit cityofpoughkeepsie.com

Snow removal is slated to happen on the following City streets tonight:

Gifford Avenue
Duane Street
Dean Place
Franklin Street
Garden Street
Charles Street
Market Street
Cannon Street

Rolison is also asking the public to help remove snow from around hydrants. It is suggested that snow be cleared 3 feet away around the hydrant.

For more information on the new emergency regulations, call 845-451-4000.