Orange County Deputy County Executive Wayne Booth declared a State of Emergency for the region for 5AM on Tuesday because of the anticipated blizzard conditions.

The restriction bans travel on all roads in the county until the State of Emergency ends at 11PM. Essential personal such as emergency responders, plows, road crews and medical professionals are permitted to travel during the State of Emergency.

The travel restrictions are meant to ensure the public's safety and the safety of essential personnel as they prepare to work throughout the storm.

"The County’s Emergency Services team continues to monitor the storm closely and our public works crews and local police will make every effort to keep roads passable and safe, but we need all residents to stay off the roads during the state of emergency," Booth said in a press release issued by the county Monday evening.

Our radio station staff are considered essential personnel and will bring you the latest news and information related to the storm. They recorded a public service announcement yesterday to encourage you to stay off the roads.


Hudson Valley Storm Center


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