No matter how you feel about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, there's no denying the excitement of witnessing former bandmates back onstage at the ceremony. Whether these partnerships were ended amicably or acrimoniously, there's nothing like watching a reunion — and these are the five we think might have the most viewing potential at this year's show.

  • Yes

    Yes have seen a ton of lineup changes over the years, but for a lot of fans, singer Jon Anderson's 2008 ouster marked a major breaking point. The band has persisted without him, however — and these days, Anderson is touring with fellow Yes vets Rick Wakeman and Trevor Rabin. There seemed to be a fair amount of acrimony after Anderson's departure, but nearly a decade of water under the bridge has cooled tempers, and Anderson has gone on record as saying a Rock Hall induction might be just the spark to start a full-fledged reunion tour for all the surviving members.

  • Journey

    By all accounts, Steve Perry is perfectly happy not being in Journey — just as the current lineup is focused on carrying on without him. But guitarist Neal Schon has made it clear that Perry would be welcome to sit in, and the Rock Hall ceremony seems like a pretty perfect place to take him up on the invitation.

  • Electric Light Orchestra

    This one's a little tricky. To most casual listeners, ELO frontman Jeff Lynne essentially is the band, but the lineup played host to a number of important musicians over the years — some of whom haven't been included in the band's nomination. There's been a little nastiness between the camps over the years, with Lynne threatening legal action against the remnants of spinoff group ELO II after drummer Bev Bevan left and sold his 50 percent share of the name back to Lynne. But whoever is accounted for if the band's inducted, this looks likely to be one of the lower-key reunions at this year's ceremony.

  • J. Geils Band

    If a band is inducted without its namesake present, does it really count? We may find out if the J. Geils Band makes it in this year. Relations between founding guitarist John Geils and the rest of the lineup have been strained since he was ousted in 2012, and it's anyone's guess as to how they'll get along if they make this year's cut — as harmonica player Magic Dick told Billboard, "Let's just see what happens." Drummer Stephen Bladd, who dropped out of the lineup due to retirement, seems like a far less contentious potential reunion.

  • Jane's Addiction

    Current Jane's Addiction bassist Chris Chaney has been part of the lineup, off and on, for seven years — just a little shy of the eight years spent in the trenches by founding member Eric Avery. Unfortunately, Chaney didn't get the nod from the Hall, and Avery's somewhat conflicted relationship with the band makes this potential reunion a question mark on several levels.