If you're headed to the Dutchess County Fair this year, there is one attraction you will no longer find.  It's now officially illegal, thanks to legislation signed by Governor Cuomo this week.

You may remember that in years past there has been a baby tiger that people would pay money to pose for photos with.  Not only would you get a keepsake picture, but you would also receive a sticker that says "I touched a tiger".  I used to see tons of people parading around at the fair with the sticker, so it was apparently a pretty popular attraction.   Here's a video of what the experience looked like:

This week Governor Andrew Cuomo signed new legislation that now makes it illegal for traveling fairs and attractions to allow people to come in contact with lions, tigers and other big cats.  Fox News says wildlife advocates claim these baby tigers are often taken from their parents at a young age and neglected.  The interactions with humans can be harmful to both people and the small animals.  And then once the animals grow too old to be trusted with humans, they are discarded.

So what do you think?  Are you disappointed by the new ban or do you think that it's a good thing?