McGruff the Crime Dog says to "take a bite out of crime," but according to police, a Hudson Valley woman decided to take a bite out of a crimefighter instead.

The wild incident began last week when a New York State trooper out of Kingston stopped a driver in the Town of Ulster. According to the police report, the officer observed a 2010 Saab traveling westbound on Washington Avenue that was "in violation of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law."

After pulling over the vehicle, the trooper identified the driver as Niccole Lignowski from Marbletown. The 43-year-old driver engaged in conversation with the officer who determined that Lignowski was impaired by drugs. In an attempt to arrest her, the officer says the Hudson Valley woman suddenly became "combative."

According to state police, Lignowski fought with the trooper, biting them on the arm and "causing a laceration." After being taken into custody, the woman was detained in a police car. That's when police say things became even more violent.

Lignowski allegedly began violently kicking the car's windshield. She used so much force that police say the glass cracked. Lignowski is also being blamed for damaging other parts of the vehicle, including the front passenger door. After a search was made of the woman's car, she was accused of cocaine possession.

The wild incident ended in an arrest and three felonies. The Marbletown woman has been charged with criminal mischief, assault and criminal possession of a controlled substance. In addition, she's also facing charges of resisting arrest, DWAI and more

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