Police are saying a New York state man lead them on a chase that ended up I-87 Tuesday evening. CBS says it all started when police responded to a report of a gunpoint robbery at a home, and eventually ended when the suspect lead authorities on a foot pursuit after crashing their getaway vehicle.

Suspect Was Parolee, According to Officials 

What is really startling is that police say the suspect in question was already out on parole at the time of this incident, originally convicted of attempted murder and contraband charges.

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Police Pursue NY State Man in U-Haul 

CBS says the 39-year-old suspect from Troy attempted to rob a home in Lansingburgh Tuesday evening. Once police showed up, the suspect fled and drove away from the scene in a U-Haul box truck. CBS says the suspect refused to stop when police tried to pull him over, as the chase would end up taking officials southbound on I-87.


Investigators said the suspect eventually crashed the U-Haul, and then fled by foot into the woods. CBS says he didn't get far, as police found and arrested him.

Jeans Heist at Old Navy Store in New York

Police in New York released a surveillance picture of the suspect who was a part of the alleged major jeans heist, according to PIX 11. The NYPD says the suspect stole around 60 pairs of jeans from an Old Navy store in Commack, which is valued at approximately $1,650.

Organized retail crime is a growing issue across the country, according to CBS NY. 

From January 1 through September 12, 2021, the NYPD told CBS that there were more than 26,000 complaints of shoplifting compared to the same time period in 2020, which was over 20,000.

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