A New York state man is facing a number of charges, including 1st degree robbery, after officials say he burglarized a store early Sunday morning. It wasn't too hard to find him however, says police.

In fact, with heavy snowfall coming down during the previous weekend's winter storm, his path was actually quite easy to follow.

Suspect In New York State Arrested After Police Follow His Footprints 

CBS says that police responded to calls from a store in Albany early Sunday morning, that a burglary was in progress. When officers arrived, the suspect was nowhere to be found, though they had evidence of forced entry, says CBS.

Police said they talked to a man who had seen the suspect come out of the store, holding a cash register. When the witness tried to stop the suspect, he told police that the other man tried to stab him with a knife before running away.

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However, CBS says that while the suspect was not at the scene, police simply tracked him by following his footprints in the newly fallen snow. Police said they found the suspect, who was a 46-year-old man.

CBS says the man was arrested and is facing numerous charges.

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Another Person Got Busted The Same Way 

A similar incident happened in New Jersey back in 2019, as NorthJersey.com reported that a 23 year-old man allegedly jumped man's car, that still had the keys in the ignition, and then drove off.

The thief later crashed the stolen vehicle, and fled on foot. However, this took place right after snow had fallen across the region. The police, who had set up the perimeter, simply had to follow the suspect's footprints in the newly fallen snow to make the arrest.

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