A strange incident played out Monday when a plane pulling a message banner flew over a high school baseball playoff game in Westchester.

II you think the banner was rooting on one of the teams, or maybe encouraging one particular player, then you're mistaken. In fact, according to LoHud, the banner that flew over Briarcliff Manor's Section 1 win over Irvington simply said...

Fire coaches Schrader & Kowalczyk

John Schrader and assistant Walter Kowalczyk are coaches at Briarcliff. What's odd is that Briarcliff is considered one of the better teams in the region, so this wasn't due to poor team performance.

The owner of Fly Signs Aerial Advertising, told LoHud that some woman paid his company $1,250 to have the sign flown over Briarcliff High School for 30 minutes. 

Think her kid wasn't getting enough playing time? Or maybe there's something we don't know? Unfortunately, stuff like this happening more and more in high school sports.

The woman and her motivations for doing this remain unknown. ironically enough, Briarcliff easily won 13-0 in spite of the distraction.