I'm gonna need a minute.

*Heavy breathing*

Pizza is my first, second, and third-favorite food, and I have a strict code of pizza ethics: the under-crust must be crispy, and the cheese better not turn into silly putty the moment it cools off. Also, pizza should never be altered beyond the classic ingredients of dough, cheese, and sauce. Today, that changes. I stand here before you, humbly asking for forgiveness as I retract my statements and completely lose my mind over the newest pizza creation presented by Piez-I-Know pizzeria in Hudson, NY.


Meet the Piezoni. You heard that right. Much like celebrity couple names like Brangelina and Bennifer, the Piezoni is the combination of some beautiful things, but instead of two Hollywood heartthrobs, it's the magical union of three of Italy's most precious exports. As Piez-I-Know describes on their Facebook page:

One of our most popular pizzas back by demand, the Piezoni... 18” half PIZZA half CALZONE with a garlic knot bridge down the middle... includes 1 topping

Excuse me, did you say half-pizza, half-calzone, and a garlic knot divider? Take. My. Money.

Piez-I-Know calls it popular, and their comment section on Facebook seems to back up that claim. Said one user, "We are ordering this tonight!". Another chimed in, "It's SO good". Hudson isn't exactly on my drive home from Poughkeepsie to Newburgh, but I might have to make an exception. One of my wife and my favorite traditions we started is called "First Fridays", where we try a new pizzeria on the first Friday of each month. I think I know where we're going next.

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