An Oscar nominated actor was among six people who were found guilty after they protested and blocked traffic at an Orange County power plant.

On Wednesday in Orange County Court, six people who were charged with disorderly conduct for obstructing traffic on Route 6, in the Town of Wawayanda, during a protest against the construction of a power plant there by Competitive Power Ventures, Inc., were found guilty.

On December 18, 2015, all six protested and blocked traffic at the entrance of the power plant. Prior to being charged, all six refused repeated orders by the New York State Police to stop blocking traffic.

James Cromwell was one of the six found guilty, reports WAMC. Cromwell has a history of protests in the local area. He’s known for his roles in The Green Mile, L.A. Confidential, The Queen and much more. In 1996, he received an Oscar nomination for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in Babe.

"These defendants selfishly wasted valuable law enforcement resources and inconvenienced innocent civilian motorists wholly unconnected to CPV plant," District Attorney David M. Hoovler said. "However passionately these defendants may believe in their cause, they had no justification to break the law or to force a confrontation with law enforcement officers, who need to be available for life threatening emergencies.”

All six were ordered to pay a $250 fine and a $125 surcharge.

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