One officer is hospitalized, two others suffered concussions after an attempted murder inmate attacked four officers at a Hudson Valley prison.

A 33-year-old inmate, who’s serving a 10-year sentence, was being examined at the Green Haven Correctional infirmary. After finishing the exam, the inmate began to follow two nurses out of the infirmary.

When a corrections officer told the unnamed inmate to stop following the nurses, he refused. The officer approached the inmate, who allegedly hit the officer in the face, twice.

The inmate then is accused of punching another officer in the face, causing the officer to fall to floor, knocking him unconscious. A third officer responded to the scene and was punched in the head and body by the inmate, officials say.

A fourth officer entered the room and witnessed the two officers still struggling with the inmate. He applied pepper spray to the inmate, which had no effect. Eventually the officers were able to get the inmate restrained.

One officer sustained a bloody nose, concussion and numbness to his extremities. A second officer was treated for a concussion, facial, neck, and arm contusions. A third officer was treated for a cervical strain and a contusion to his left rib.

All three officers have not returned to duty.

A fourth officer sustained minor injuries in the attack but remained on duty.

“This incident is a perfect example of how dangerous the environment can be inside our prisons,” Michael Mazzella, Mid-Hudson Region Vice President said. “A single inmate was able to attack and seriously injure two officers and injure two others. The attack was unprovoked. Earlier that morning the same inmate struck a female officer with an unopened tin can while she made her rounds so it was very clear the inmate was agitated and dangerous.

The unnamed inmate was convicted in 2013 for attempted murder, assault and robbery. He was transferred to Sullivan Correctional Facility after the incident.

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