Queen fans desperately waiting to get their hands on the band's official Monopoly game still have to wait a few more weeks for the first copies to ship, but in the meantime, they can content themselves with the next-best thing: an 18-minute video of guitarist Brian May unboxing it and laying out its contents.

As previously reported, the game is the result of more than a year's worth of work between Queen and the Monopoly makers at Hasbro. As with many of the other specially branded editions of the venerable board game, it gives the regular gameplay a twist — instead of going all out in pursuit of money and property, it's all about rock 'n' roll.

Players who purchase the Queen Monopoly game will follow "the amazing gig history of Queen, from their very first at Imperial College in 1970 to their last with Freddie Mercury at Knebworth Park in 1986," snapping up "gig locations and hit singles" as they make their way around the board with specially designed pieces — each of which May offers a peek at during the unboxing video.

"Queen Monopoly," May addresses the camera as the video begins. "What's that? Is it cool? Is it good? Is it fun? Well, hopefully we're here to find out, because I'm here with genuinely the first-ever boxes of Monopoly that are complete, sitting in, appropriately, our record company offices. ... I'm excited. It's only a game, right? But what a game."

That's just the beginning, folks — May's even wearing a GoPro camera for first-person action as he unpacks the Queen Monopoly contents. Sit back, get comfortable and take it all in — and pre-order your copy of the game today.

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