I was so blown away by my experience at both of the Ready Coffee locations in the Hudson Valley, that I left stunned. Gobsmacked, maybe is a better word? I thought it was just me and then I had a conversation with a co-worker.

She and I were chatting and she mentioned that she had an obsession, and me thinking it was Tik-Tok, I was about to start discussing an intervention when she said, 'I am obsessed with Ready Coffee.'

I can't agree more, but then we talked about what happens each time we go there. Here is the part that startles us every time. We go there. We are in line, and then someone comes out and takes our order if there are a few cars waiting. A person, yes an actual person, comes to our car and talks to us. A person.

No, it gets better. They say Hello! They are happy to go get started on whatever it is I order that day (my current fave, the Mac Daddy, frozen with a little less syrup and no whip cream).

Then, here is what has really floored me and my co-worker, we get to the window to pay and the person there isn't just trying to rush us away, they actually engage you in conversation. They ask how you are, what's going on with your day and hold up, they are interested, they focus on you just long enough to make you think that there has to be a hidden camera somewhere, and they don't rush you.

I actually drove away asking, "What just happened?" There was a person who was polite, kind, conversational and I am still just like wow, did that happen? Of course, me thinking that it was just a fluke, that it had to be just one person at one location being that awesome, nope. Went to the other location. Guess what... It happened there too.

This does not happen, anywhere in a quick service industry. So you know what I do, strictly for research purposes of course, I go back, and it keeps happening.

Thank you. Thank you for NOT being like everyone else. Thank you for knowing that for just a few moments of politeness, sincerity and caffeine, that you can really change a persons perspective on the day. Keep doing it. Keep being "Ready."

I would like to challenge the other coffee places in the Hudson Valley to stun their customers like this.

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