A summer without air conditioning in you car can be dreadful. I should know because that was me earlier this summer. I went to the place where I typically get an oil change to see if they could check on my air conditioning. They let me pull in, and they got to work. Now, I'm not a big car guy, but I could've sworn that the guy working on my car was working on the oil. Mind you, I got an oil change no more than a month prior to this visit. Then I notice someone stop the guy working on my car, and they have an interesting looking exchange. When the time came to settle up, the person who was ringing me up said they accidentally gave me a new oil change. Since I didn't ask for it, and it was there mistake, it was on the house. Now that's what I call service!

I was just telling that story to a friend of mine because they were looking for a new good place to get their oil change taken care of. There are so many autobody places around, and it cane feel very overwhelming looking for the right place to take care of your car and spend your hard earned money.

I went on Yelp to see which places were the best in Newburgh to get an oil change, and this is what it said. Have you had good experiences at any of these places? How about bad ones? Are there other towns we should cover on this subject? Let us know in the App!

Best Places Around Newburgh, NY for an Oil Change

NYS Police Released the Data on Speed Week 2022 - They Were Quite Busy!

New York State Police were out in full force from Monday to Sunday, August 21, targeting speeding, and other unsafe driving behaviors, including distracted driving and violations of the Move Over Law. Here's a look at NYS Speed Week, through the numbers!

12 of the Most Drool-Worthy Adirondack Homes For Sale Right Now!

Many New Yorkers can only dream of owning a log home or family home in the Adirondack Mountains. Prices have skyrocketed over the years putting a lot of these properties just a bit out of the reach of the everyman or every woman.

The houses on this list are no different. But we can dream, can't we?

With autumn just around the corner imagine yourself in the lap of luxury in any these 12 stunning homes in the Adirondacks. All are currently for sale (but could be gone at any moment). Most are on lakes, several are sprawling family estates, there is a renovated "great camp" on the list, the majority are log homes, and others are unique in their own way.

So dream on. Wouldn't you like to spend this fall in one of these gorgeous homes?