For the last year plus, Metro North has been allowing all passengers, Monday through Sunday to pay only the off-peak pricing for all trains, all fares. This special discount was supposed to end at the end of the year, but Metro North has decided to extend it.

How long with the off-peak fares be in effect?

All riders on all of the Metro North lines will be able to continue to ride at the off-peak savings instead of just the end of the year, the all the time off-peak fares program, will continue now through February 29, 2022.

How else is Metro North saving you money on train trips?

Starting in February of next year (according to their Facebook page) they will have a 20-trip ticket available for purchase which will give you a 40% discount on the train fares. I have purchased a few of the 10-trip tickets, when I was going into the city more often. The cool thing that people might not know is that if you have a few people riding with you, they can use the punches on your ticket.

Can you get the savings on the e-tix app or do you have to buy a paper ticket?

You can get all of the savings and purchase your tickets through their app, which is cool, because you are less likely to lose or misplace your phone, unlike a ticket. I have  lost a few train tickets in my day.

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