Thankfully these hikers were found alive and safe in the Adirondack High Peaks.

News broke this week that a couple from Niskayuna went missing after heading to the Algonquin Trailhead on Sunday morning.

Later that day, the Department of Environmental Conservation received a phone call from worried family members alerting them that they had not had any communication with the couple since that morning. The couple was found safe on Tuesday at 11AM some 265 feet below the summit of Algonquin Peak.

The DEC Forest Rangers and New York State Police acted quickly when they got Blake Alois, 20, and Madison Popolizio, 19, wrapping them in blankets while waiting for a helicopter to show up. The couple suffered from hypothermia.

Helicopters were delayed due to the fog that morning, but both hikers were taken to a near by hospital for evaluation.

Watch the helicopter rescue below:

There are a ton of different hiking trails in the Hudson Valley, and even in the winter months, hikers will frequent the trails.

If you plan on going out, please be prepared and know what conditions you are about to face.