Maybe all that physical activity worked up an appetite?

In one of the odder stories this week, is reporting that a 40 year-old man was at the Syracuse City Court Clerk's Office Wednesday. Even the beginning of the story is odd. The whole thing started over a futon, according to The man was hoping to sue someone in small claims court over the piece of furniture when things turned south.

There is no direct information why exactly the man lost his cool so bad, but officials say the would-be plaintiff's behavior became "vulgar" and "disruptive" in the court house. When police were called on the scene, the situation quickly escalated when the man allegedly tried to elbow and kick the officers. Police say he even refused to put his hands behind his back once finally arrested.

Of course, the story doesn't end there. says that once he was handcuffed to a bench, he decided to have himself a snack and began pulling paperwork off the wall and ate it.

He even chowed down on a calendar that included the cases coming to court.

The man, who has an appetite similar to a goat, was taken to hospital for evaluation before being booked in nearby jail, where he remains. He's being charged for felony attempted assault on a peace officer, but apparently will not be charged for eating all that paper.