You already know that more of the New York State toll roads are going cashless, right? Toll booths, which have been a part of the roads and driving for so many years, many of them (most) are disappearing and will be gone in the next year or so. Do you have an e-zpass?

While I know that some people think that this e-zpass device tracks you and isn't worth it, I will give you that. Yes, it probably tracks me. I get it. But do you know about the discounts?

When you first got your e-Zpass you might not have known or maybe no one told you that there are a few different discount plans, in addition to the occasional discount that you might get for using the transponder as opposed to using 'cashless tolling.'

Here are just a few of the 'discount plans' that are available to use with a toll road and e-zpass. Most all of the plans require that you start with a $25 deposit balance and then when it gets below $10, the card that you have it connected to will charge you another $25.

  • If you use the New York State Thruway a lot, you might consider the Thruway Annual Permit Plan. You pay a fee for the calendar year (based on the month that you sign up) then each time you get on the Thruway, the first 30 miles of each trip or less, is covered.
  • If you have a motorcycle and ride on the Thruway, you can pay 50% of the regular tolls by mail price. You will have to show proof of motorcycle registration.
  • New York State Bridge Authority plan. Anyone remember a bridge book? For this you need to be crossing any one of the 5 NYSBA bridges, 17 times in a month. If you do (and you sign up for the plan, which is per car) you will get charged $1.20 a trip as opposed to the regular rate of $1.75 per toll.

These three 'secret plans' are just a few of the ones that are offered, depending on where you are driving and in some cases, what you are driving.

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