When people think of tornadoes, they probably think of bad weather associated in the south and midwest.

Of course, that's not always the case. New York has had it's share of tornadoes over the years. We know about this all too well with the deadly storms that rolled through the region in May 2018. 

Check out a detailed list of NY tornadoes at NYDatabases.com

The hot and oppressively humid weather this week has lead to more severe storms developing across the Tri-State region. In fact, the National Weather Service says a tornado touched down in New York City, of all places, Thursday night.

ABC NY says the tornado touched down in Queens, near Saint Fidelis Catholic Church on 14th Avenue. Fortunately, the storm was short lived and relatively weak, as it only traveled under a mile and was about 100 yards wide, with winds of 70 to 85 miles per hour.

That makes the storm an EF-0 on the enhanced Fujita Scale; the weakest rating (with an EF-5 being the strongest). The tornado knocked down trees and a number of power lines as it dissipated just before reaching 138th Street, ABC News reports.

NBC NY says it was the seventh tornado to hit New York City since 2010.

This video shows a  funnel cloud that was spotted over New York Harbor in July 2018, though there was no confirmed report of a touchdown.