Seems that some hipster dog owner types in parts of Brooklyn are refusing to have their dogs vaccinated over fears the potentially life-saving inoculations could cause autism in their pets. This is according to Raw Story via the Brooklyn Paper. 

Dr. Amy Ford of the Veterinarian Wellness Center of Boerum Hill said:

We do see a higher number of clients who don’t want to vaccinate their animals. This may be stemming from the anti-vaccine movement, which people are applying to their pets.

Does this mean they're not getting their pets vaccines for distemper, hepatitis, and rabies? That's just dumb and irresponsible. Not only could these illnesses spread to humans, but failing to get your dog vaccinated for rabies will get you fined in New York.

Dr. Ford continued:

It’s actually much more common in the hipster-y areas. I really don’t know what the reasoning is, they just feel that injecting chemicals into their pet is going to cause problems.

The refusal for some to vaccinate their dogs mirrors the national movement that says vaccines lead to autism in humans.

According to Autism Speaks, researchers have repeatedly found that the MMR vaccine did not increase the risk for autism spectrum disorder in children.