A Nor'Easter is developing in the South that is expected to rock the Northeast.

Accuweather reports that a Nor'Easter is developing off the Atlantic coast in Virginia and the Carolinas. The storm is expected to quickly form on Thursday, March 21, and work its way up the coast to the Northeast.

According to Accuweather, the storm could potentially move up the coast at the same time as a patch of cold air moves Southeast from Canada. If the storm hits that patch of cold air at the right time, it could boost the storm into the Northeast as opposed to it going out to sea.

If the storm hits the cold air and heads up the Northeast, extreme rain, snow, and wind can be expected, according to Accuweather. The Adirondacks could see up to a foot of snow, the Catskills could see a snow and rain mix. The Hudson Valley will most likely get just rain.

Happy Spring, am I right?

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