A Hudson Valley newsman celebrated his birthday on Sunday by ordering number one off of the extra value meal.

Bobby Welber, journalist for Hudson Valley Post and the voice of the morning news on 101.5 WPDH, celebrated his birthday on Sunday. Those who listen to Welber's newscasts on The Boris and Robyn Show know that the newsman's hobbies include watching Full House reruns, going to the gym and eating. That's right, eating.

Welber loves eating just about anything. You can usually find him chowing down on grilled chicken he's prepared from home for his 8:30am lunch, a strange new junk food he's taste-testing on the show or one of his own, insane concoctions like grilled hamburgers bathed in nacho queso dip and topped with Doritos.

So what does a food lover like Welber eat to celebrate his birthday? Apparently it's a "birthday Big Mac" from McDonald's. In a post to Instagram, Welber shared his excitement for the feast.

So what do you think of Welber's birthday meal? Do you think the extra value meal is a great way to celebrate? Share your thoughts (and birthday wishes for our newsman) on our Facebook page.

Bonus video #1 - Meet Bobby Welber:

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