It's a heated topic among pet owners and veterinarians alike and it's about to bring that heat to the New York state legislative floor.

The declawing of cats has always been an incredibly controversial topic. Those who oppose assert that it harms animals unnecessarily, specifically that it's a cruel amputation, through bone, tendon, and nerve, from the first knuckle down and that it doesn't serve enough of a purpose to rationalize and justify such suffering.

On the other side, according to an article by the Associated Press, some veterinarian groups think the procedure will prevent cats from engaging in destructive scratching behavior that may otherwise get them euthanized.

The proposal has yet to have a vote scheduled, despite being in front of both the state senate and the assembly, but undoubtedly, discussion in the media and among citizens will continue to mobilize the topic through all levels of politics.

So, what do you think? Cruel and unnecessary, or justified in some cases?