This must be what they mean by Dangerously Cheesy.

A 31 year-old man was sentenced to two and a half years behind bars after prosecutors say he attempted to burn down the home of a ex-girlfriend.

The tools he used while committing the arson is what makes this story unusual.

Taunton, Massachusetts police say the man attempted to light the house on fire in five locations. Investigators say the suspect had also wedged a propane tank against the house while the back porch was on fire.

The victim and a friend had called authorities who quickly responded. Thankfully, fire fighters were able to get the propane tank away from the home before it caught on fire.

Okay, so what's so unusual about this?

Well, police were able to nab the perpetrator a short distance from the home. When they searched him, they found a two lighters and an empty bag of Cheetos. An investigation lead authorities to say that the suspect had tried pouring the Cheetos on the separate fires to spread the flames. Really?

The man was convicted of malicious destruction of property.

Perhaps the Hot Cheetos would have worked better?