Politics can certainly get ugly, but a claim by a former New York governor has taken into a whole new bizarre direction. David Paterson's new memoir Black, Blind, & in Charge: A Story of Visionary Leadership and Overcoming Adversity hits shelves September 28. You can bet there's going to be a lot of interesting accounts of what goes on behind the scenes.One such account, is quite s strange one, and it involves former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Queen Elizabeth.

An article posted at the NY Post says it was July 8, 2010, and the Queen was set to arrive at Ground Zero to lay a wreath. Apparently, Christie was already in a foul mood, according to Paterson, as then-New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg was late to the occasion.

The account continues as Christie said that no one should escort the Queen but Prince Philip, though he thought Bloomberg would show up late and try to do the honors himself anyway. Paterson claims he didn't care, but Governor Christie did. This is where he says Christie had a plan of his own to stop Mike:

If he tries it today, I want you to trip him and I’m gonna sit on him.

Some experts believe Christie weighed nearly 400 pounds at one time. The move might make you think back to days of WWF wrestling, and someone like Earthquake or King Kong Bundy body splashing their opponent into a pancake, and then asking for a 5 count. But it didn't happen.

According to Paterson, the Queen eventually arrived and actually stood in front of him to shake his hand. About Christie, Paterson had to say: 

I think it’s the Napoleonic New Jersey syndrome. But we won’t go into that.

And here we thought people from New Jersey were supposed to happier than New Yorkers? Chris Christie has since lost some of that weight.

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