The battle against Opioid addiction continues to be in the headlines around New York State and here in the Hudson Valley. According to the State dashboard, the situation is improving but if you look at the information coming out of the counties that make up the Hudson Valley, we still have aways to go.

In the various counties that make up the Mid-Hudson Region on the New York State Department of Health website dashboard for Opioid Data, you can see some progress in the opioid crisis but you can also see that there are areas that have actually gotten worse. That's why community groups are so important.

Narcan Training in New Paltz New York

The Town of New Paltz is actively addressing the need of the community when it comes to opioid overdoses. Last month they offered training through The New Paltz Opioid Prevention and Response Team (OOPRT) this month they have teamed with the New Paltz Community Wellness Center to offer training on Monday, March 14, 2022, from 10 AM to 12 Noon.

Free Narcan Kits at New Paltz Training in March

At this training, they will have free Narcan and harm prevention kits. The training will be held from 10am-noon at the New Paltz Community Center which is located at 3 Veterans Drive in New Paltz. This is important training which could mean the difference between life and death for the person who overdosed.

Narcan is an effective Opioid Overdose Treatment. Knowing how to administer this drug is vital for someone who has overdosed. The training offers you the opportunity to know what to do when someone overdoses.

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