I love Halloween. It's one of my favorite holidays. Like most people I celebrate Halloween all October long. I'll watch scary movies and eat candy like it is October 31.

As much as I love Halloween should it be reserved for just October?

I came home from last week to see that my wife had already decorated for Halloween in the middle of September? Is that too soon? I feel like mid September is too soon even for a fan of the spooky season like me.

It was still summer and we had almost 90 degree weather last week. There's something not quite right about enjoying cider, carving pumpkins and watching The Exorcist while you're dripping with sweat. It just doesn't seem natural. That's because it isn't.


Usually my wife busts out the fall themed decorations first. The dark brown couch cushions, the orange leave wreaths, scarecrows and the straw. This year she skipped straight to the Halloween décor. We've got witches on the counter, skeletons on the door and fake bloody hand prints on the windows. I'm pretty sure they're fake.