The current theme on My Lost Treasure id the Negative Ns.  You know, songs with no, never, none, nowhere, not, etc.  Today is April 20.  Yup, 4/20.  420 has become associated with marijuana over the years, so I figured I would go with a band that has embraced the 420 culture, and what better band is there than The Grateful Dead?

When I was younger, there was not much mention of 420, if any.  It wasn't a thing.  I was an adult before I heard about 420.  Apparently it was the time some California kids used to meet after school to smoke weed.  At least, that is how I heard the story. We never needed a time or a date or a number.  Put on a Grateful Dead album, and puff away.

I am pretty sure we will take the negative Ns theme right through to the end of April, so if you have a suggestion or a request let me know at  And if you have an idea for a future theme, pass that along too.  Thanks you, and happy 4/20.